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Audi Behance Award

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August 19th, 2010

audione 2 585x289 Audi Behance Award

My god, Audi sponsors a cultural achievement award? Audi, as in, the German car maker? I was having a hard time getting past this fact until I saw a few snaps of what the award actually is. Check it. You’ll want to. [ Continue Reading ]

Ferrari 599 Racing Out of Your Dreams

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April 19th, 2010

100042car 585x364 Ferrari 599 Racing Out of Your Dreams

You just can’t help but love cars. Sure they might be a factor in climate shift. Sure they might be materialized forms of social status and useless luxuries. But God fucking dammit! Do they look nice. Take a gander at Ferrari’s new curvaceous wonder. [ Continue Reading ]

Lexus LFA Supercar

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November 13th, 2009

lexus28 534x400 Lexus LFA Supercar

Have you ever dreamt of driving a car that is only one of 500 in the entire World?

How about one that is hand built by a team of skilled craftsmen? Or even one that’s V10 engine is hand assembled by a single engineer, that bears his own signature and has it’s own special placard showing it’s sequence number among the 500 units to be built? [ Continue Reading ]

BMW Thinks Green With The Efficientdynamics Concept

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September 21st, 2009

bilde2 585x351 BMW Thinks Green With The Efficientdynamics ConceptBMW, a car brand that is known and respected around the world. With the introduction of the BMW EfficientDynamics concept, BMW seems to be taking bold steps to rid of their reputation of a gas guzzler. A radical vision, the concept represents a car that showcases plugin hybrid drive technology that is to rival a BMW M3 in acceleration and the Mini Cooper in fuel economy. [ Continue Reading ]

Fiat Campaign

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July 1st, 2009

fiat prew 550x255 Fiat Campaign

The new Fiat campaign aims to show us how little impact it has on the environment… by using endangered animals like crash test dummies. More than making me want to buy a Fiat , it makes me sad that a poor panda (the only word that even remotely rhymes with my name) has to encounter an airbag.

[ Continue Reading ]

She ain’t no Caddy, but she sho’ has a purdy grill

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May 4th, 2009

bocanegra7 600x400 585x390 She aint no Caddy, but she sho has a purdy grill

Introducing the new SEAT Bocanegra. For all you non Spanish-speaking individuals out there, “bocanegra” means black mouth. I personally would have preferred “sin dientes,” as it reminds me more of an empty mouth..a gummy octogenarian’s smile or your great-grandmother leaning in to plant one on you because it’s your birthday. But I digress.
The Bocanegra has some potential. Like the ugly girl who goes out clubbing bearing massive cleavage with tons of makeup on and a load of blingage. The vehicle itself is unattractive, but its accessories make you rethink your initial reaction. I like the lights, they look like eyes :) but I’m a girl, so what do I know about cars?

[ Continue Reading ]

The BMW Museum is Heaven for Cars

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March 16th, 2009

med 07 bmwmuseum The BMW Museum is Heaven for Cars

The interior of the new BMW Museum in Munich looks like a cross between the Apple Store and the Reichstag. It’s pretty breathtaking. I don’t really get turned on by car design – your dream car has a 2.7 L engine and 237 Horsepower? Great. My dream car can make the Kessel Run in less than 12 Parsecs. We’re both equally close to our goals. [ Continue Reading ]

The gem that never made it, the 1969 Mercedes C111

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January 15th, 2009

mercedes c111 11 585x375 The gem that never made it, the 1969 Mercedes C111

In the late 1960′s and early 1970′s, Mercedes was experimenting with new engine types.  Specifically they wanted to test diesel engines, Wankel engines, and turbochargers.  The C111 allowed them to do just that.  They fitted it with a 350hp, four rotor Wankel engine which could easily reach 180mph, and go from 0-60 in 4.8 seconds.  This also coincided with the oil crisis in the 1973, so the high-emission and gas-guzzling C111 never made it into production.

One for Everyday of the work week? Almost!

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December 30th, 2008

Now you, yes you(!!!), can be the envy of all your coworkers; score a date with your boss’s semi-attractive, but (probably) wild-in-the-sack secretary; and put an end to the perpetual whose memo is bigger talk at the water cooler! How? Buy one of these…

01 rr sapph One for Everyday of the work week? Almost!

Rolls-Royce’s bespoke division is churning out yet another special edition Phantom. The Phantom Sapphire joins the Phantom Pearl, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Tungsten in the RR family’s line of ultra-premium luxury vehicles. The Sapphire boast a longer wheelbase than its siblings and features two interior options, either navy blue leather with seashell accents or seashell leather with navy blue accents.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the Phantom Diamond or the Phantom Adamantium edition to save ourselves the embarrassment of driving the same car twice in one week; commutes are hellish enough without having to be seen in your Tuesday’s ultra-premium luxury vehicle on a Friday.