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Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 0910

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January 22nd, 2009

burberry scarf Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 0910

Poor Burberry.  It’s unfortunate that the famous Burberry print fizzled out to, what should be, complete oblivion, but to try to ‘re-invent’ the pattern in sweaters is just asking for trouble.  With the exception of some beautifully tailored coats, this ‘new’ line from Burberry pretty much missed the mark for me.  Personally, I view Burberry as a sophisticated and more classic British-Boy look, where one could say “I’m young, I have lots of money, but I’m not entirely foolish with it.”  Burberry should be careful with dabbling in risky ventures such as scarf prints on sweater half-breeds, and over-sized frumpy knit sweaters, leave that to H&M.  Everyone knows that every mom and daughter combo from Orange County to the Mid-West, has a gross Burberry scarf, either real or knock-off.  And the stigma is even worse in the United Kingdom, due to the bombardment of Chavs wearing it, literally, out of style.  But these coats are fierce!!!