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Angus MacLane The Lego Extraordinaire

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April 6th, 2010

wall e 345x400 Angus MacLane The Lego Extraordinaire

This is Legos to the 20th power. Angus MacLane is a creative genius.

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Dan Luvisi, you fail to please me

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May 14th, 2009

dan luvisi digital artist 7 310x400 Dan Luvisi, you fail to please me

Dan Luvisi is a “digital artist” (I totally just did the Dr.Evil finger quotation marks…MUAHAHAHAHAH). I really find the pieces featured on Trendland’s post on the artist to be quite base. Especially the above frame, featuring a man vaguely resembling Lenny Kravitz holding a chimp. The only remotely cool thing about this picture is that the monkey is wearing a red tie and probably contemplating taking a dump on Lenny’s forearm. The art featured in the original post is way too 80s/anime style/original Nintendo console games for my liking. Did that make sense? No? Too bad. [ Continue Reading ]