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Genaro De Sia Coppola

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February 5th, 2010

882312b25e6b8adf7160944ca6c2c595 600x424 566x400 Genaro De Sia Coppola

Genaro De Sia Coppola an amazing illustrator from Barcelona, Venezuela. Couldn’t find much else on him, just his work and how awesome it is. So enjoy… [ Continue Reading ]

Pep Bou’s Rebufaplanetes brings Soap Bubbles back to life

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August 7th, 2009

PepBou c 585x334 Pep Bous Rebufaplanetes brings Soap Bubbles back to life

Soap Bubbles, you know you loved to play with them as a kid, well it seems like Pep Bou just can’t seem to let them go. So much so that he has actually created a show called  ”Rebufaplanetes” out of them. If you live in Barcelona, then you are lucky enough to go see him in action. Check out the videos after the break, looks so cool… [ Continue Reading ]

Tropical Fantasy

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June 2nd, 2009

linkclick 380x400 Tropical Fantasy It’s hard to put your finger on the work of Pedro Paricio. Born and raised in the Canary Islands you can clearly see in the influence in his paintings through the use of bright and bold colors and also through the subject material- each painting regardless of how abstract the setting, seems to bring the observer to a tropical island. But his work has much more to it. There seems to be a slight [ Continue Reading ]

Feed Your Little Bird

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March 24th, 2009

curro claret 300x400 Feed Your Little Bird

Curro Claret’s spin on the bird feeder makes for a wonderful and functional interaction between man and bird. (While simultaneously recycling your bread crumbs.)  The artist and “recyclodesigner” is based in Barcelona, Spain and as you can see, his designs focus on “a type of harmony, respect and balance between people and the Earth, aiming to fulfill a specific function in a basic and direct manner.”

via LikeCool and Disonancias