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Milas Day Dreams

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September 9th, 2010

1001 533x400 Milas Day Dreams

Alright, I’m not one for ‘cutesy art’ but this one is pretty small-smirkable, even for those of you who are convinced anything to do with babies is far to soft, pink and cuddly to really be found in the dark and twisted underworld of the artistic. [ Continue Reading ]

Baby from the Burning Hell

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March 24th, 2009

burning hell 1 402x400 Baby from the Burning Hell

On St. Patrick’s Day, The Burning Hell released their newest album, “Baby.” The Burning Hell are an unorthodox, avant-garde band with a humorous twist hailing from small-town Ontario. Depending on the night, the band features between one and thirteen people playing everything from lap steel to banjolele, from cello to synths. Their live shows vary greatly in style from night to night, venue to venue. As for the new album, Mathias Kom, the group’s frontman, says that if you liked the old one, you’ll probably hate the new one – it seems that Baby is a whole other world. And the name? “We’re all getting to that age where we’re thinking about breeding a lot,” Kom said, “and I guess that crept into the songwriting.”

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