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Tyson McAdoo kind of wants to draw you naked… (NSFW)

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March 24th, 2010

n54928786199 1580656 4533309 526x400 Tyson McAdoo kind of wants to draw you naked... (NSFW)If you are into girls, tattoo’s or hot rods, well you have just hit the jackpot! Tyson McAdoo an artist based in Atlanta, has managed to combine the essence of 1950′s with a modern day pin-up in a way that I have never seen before. [ Continue Reading ]

Corinne Stevie is “The Other Sister”

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Amber El
March 14th, 2010

6MIA 585x359 Corinne Stevie is The Other Sister

Corinne Stevie is a Miami bred, Atlanta based emcee/artist. Her alternative/hip hop/techno/pop music very nearly defies categorization. Between her crazy music tracks/ gallery openings/ a seemingly endless supply of paint/ various YouTube shows she is a busy woman.

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