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Kristen June

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October 6th, 2010

kjune12 527x400 Kristen June

Ms. Kristen June would be honored to photograph your old dusty candle holders, the chipped paint on your garage, and your crippling old dog. [ Continue Reading ]

In the World of Dittmar

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September 15th, 2009

a1 550x400 In the World of Dittmar

I feel a sort of feng shui ease when look at the work of Meredith Dittmar. Her placement and serene expressions of her characters make me wish I had an animal head and positioned in a world reminiscent of Narnia.

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Makin’ that paper

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May 18th, 2009

kyoko okubo 06 Makin that paper

Kyoko Okubo crafts the cutest things out of paper. The post on Booooooom! features some of her work (where I got the thumbnails below), but you can view more of her work here and still more cuteness here. I have no idea how big these pieces actually are, but I’m assuming that they’re rather small. The pieces featured on Mobilia Gallery show much more detail than the ones I have included, and are adorable. They’re called Narrative Paper Sculptures, and they’re friggin’ awesome. [ Continue Reading ]

The Mating Season is Here!

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April 21st, 2009

z01 18401985 585x385 The Mating Season is Here!

According to the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, Spring time brings lots of new faces in the zoo and I am not talking about visitors. There are about 600 million people passing through the gates of over 1,300 parks around the world and spring time is usually the time when the newborns are revealed. There is a reason 2009 has been named as the “year of the gorilla” by the United Nations, the reason of course is the gorilla baby boomers… If you ever seen a gorilla in real life you will stand there stunned, visually examining it and being in disbelief of how much this animal resembles us. Of course 2009 brings us newborns from all different kinds of animals around the world, this gallery is dedicated to them… [ Continue Reading ]

Ryohei Hase

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January 17th, 2009

ryohei hase Ryohei Hase

Hase shows “the animal within” in his well-crafted and dogmatic style.  Whether it’s a horde of pigs about to feast on their young or hybrid people fighting to the death, Hase steps back and uses the brush to express emotion rather than vague concepts.  Check out Ryohei Hase’s website: Ryohei Hase

Corey Arnold

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June 6th, 2008

picture 201 367x300 Corey ArnoldReally fun and cool animal – human photography by Corey Arnold, check out his work at

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Get a salad instead Ads – Florette

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May 30th, 2008

zezecyfghcrliowzchmb 212x300 Get a salad instead Ads   Florettezreconuf26gljwquajgb 212x300 Get a salad instead Ads   Florette

“Sealed gourmet salads. You’ll forget about meat” – Florette

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