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ReKindling The Love

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March 28th, 2009

howitworksdiagram ReKindling The Love

I’ve never had an online avatar. I am just not much of a Second Life person. Best I can do is try not to mess up my First, but if I ever did go looking for another incarnation, chances are, I would be a book. Collectively, they are had one of the most profound effects on this First one.

Now, by “book”, I do mean the wealth of information on roughly the same topic or a collection of short works by the same author or united under a single theme. But I, also, refer to the purely physical form, the familiar weight, the scent of paper, the minute smudges of ink, like imperfections in the human face, transforming something merely beautiful into truly divine. Sure, the E-ink is coming close, really close, and yes, in it and its offshoots, does doubtless lie a future of the publishing business, but for those on a budget — yet wanting to retain the familiarity of devouring material books, allow me to introduce you to BookSwim.

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Amazon new online store for movies

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July 18th, 2008

I think soon we wont have any actual video stores…Amazon has launched its new online store today, where you can watch movies and TV shows directly streaming on your computer. Starting today you have 40,000 movies and shows available to you, and this time you don’t even have to download anything, it goes straight to your account and streams just like on cable. Will you sign up?