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Yuksek is bringing Electro back…

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February 4th, 2010

l ecb556e98ec1449e8dbbb90029617144 585x390 Yuksek is bringing Electro back...Yuksek (Pierre-Alexandre Busson) is a French-born music producer, remixer and DJ. Yuksek, originally with Birdy Nam Nam’s label and wunderkind of the blogs, has crafted some of the dirtiest, most inspired remixes of hits by Mika, Kaiser Chiefs, Ghostface Killah (Wu Tang Clan), French rapper Booba, Tahiti 80… His fiery live sets, where Yuksek’s svelte, supple physique swoops between his vintage keyboards and FX board, have set alight concert venues, clubs and festivals. [ Continue Reading ]

Crush of the Week: Amanda Blank

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February 3rd, 2010

amanda blank crackle Crush of the Week: Amanda Blank

In the spirit of the upcoming holiday – the one with all the hearts and candy and stuff, which if you leave your house at all, is impossible to avoid the ads for – I decided that for two weeks I will show ” a little love” to some of the artists out there that are not only talented but inspire crushes from here to San Fransisco. Welcome to “The Crush of the Week” post.

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