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Maze of Glass..

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November 3rd, 2009

Making of 2 533x400 Maze of Glass..

A creation of fantastical porportions can be the only way to describe artist’s Ayala Serfaty glass interpretation of the essence of nature in its most abstract form. Along with photographer Albi Serafty, Ayala Serfaty created the studio¬†Aqua Creations in 1992 which seeks to develop and produce furnishing and lighting items through an artistic approach. It is in the comfort of her studio, whose headquarters are located in Tel Aviv and, as a result of her studio’s success, a showroom that is located in New York, ¬†that she has managed to create these almost underwater like glass reefs which evoke in its beholder a childish, awe-eyed amazement resulting in serenity and a peaceful deafness. [ Continue Reading ]