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Conservation International

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February 12th, 2009

0 Conservation International Sometimes I feel like I’m a completely useless, lazy American so I try to find ways I can actually make a difference in this world.  Many of us don’t have hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to donate to build schools, or homes for the needy, or some of us can’t commit the time it takes to hand feed orphans in Africa.  I recently found out about Conservation International’s Protect an Acre program.  The program makes helping out and seeing the impact you have very easy.  Through the tons of work CI does to protect life on earth,  they have calculated that only $15 protects a full acre of rainforest.  And not only the trees, but the wildlife in the acre and the communities inhabiting the acre.  In 3 years, CI has protected 143 million acres because of programs like this.  To learn more about why efforts to protecting the rainforest are actually worth your while and how your donation will be used click here. Or to go directly to the donation form click here.  Even if you can’t afford $15, you can make a statement, like Harrison Ford did with removing a square patch of hair, representing a lost acre, or cut two squares in your jeans like this girl did, a less drastic measure.

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