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In A Crumbling World

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June 22nd, 2009

haunted hill 269x400 In A Crumbling World

As a cultural melting pot, the United States has influences from all over the world and the Ennis House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is just another borrowed architectural style.

The Ennis House’s significance isn’t as much about its design, as it is about how it became known. [ Continue Reading ]

Twain accepts Mankovsky’s apology

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June 5th, 2009
0 Twain accepts Mankovskys apology

If Tomas Mankovsky’s short film, “Sorry I’m Late,” is visually stimulating the first time, thenĀ watching the “Making Of…” fragment during the credits gives one an appreciation of how painstaking a work stop-motion animation can be [ Continue Reading ]

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Introducing…. MuzikIzMyHeart

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May 19th, 2009

Well… Actually my name is Zaje’. Zah-jsay, roll the “j”. I have learned to put in black-and-white how to say my name because you won’t know how if I don’t say it aloud. It’s African, sounds French.

Music is definitely my heart, though. I love to sing, I love to write songs, I love to write anything really. So. Here I am.

Not too much more to say. I stay at home with my two-year-old and six-month-old, both boys. Engaged to the love of my life, Muzic. (Really, his “name” is S. Muzic. He produces music – match made in heaven, right?) The internet may very well be my best friend, seeing as how I meet so many new and exciting people through her… or him. Whatever. Nice to meet you. Friends of Internet are friends of mine.