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Get Your Steampunk Fix

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March 5th, 2010

il 430xN.116662209 Get Your Steampunk FixHas it ever happened to you? You just cranked the large brass propeller of that flying octopus like gizmo you spent years building. You know the one. It shoots oil for a quick getaway. The tip of the tentacles shoot sparks to ignite fires. And the suction cups are recoiling vents that suck in all the beautiful gems and diamonds needed to fund such a gear stricken behemoth. And just as you’re ready to rule the world. You realize that you forgot you’re large mad-scientist goggles. [ Continue Reading ]

Nina Peter & Gregor Pirouzi Share Their Glove Love

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September 6th, 2009

nina peter gloves4 585x386 Nina Peter & Gregor Pirouzi Share Their Glove LoveNina Peter loves gloves.  These are the latest in hand fashion from the Nina Peter line, subtly titled ‘Glove Love’.  These gloves are so bitchin’!  They cover a wide range of looks from classic white to funk-biker, but no matter the look, they are designed to feel like a second layer of skin, silky and smooth, and unbeatably comfortable. [ Continue Reading ]

Looking Good Is the Hardest Part, Pt. II

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June 30th, 2009

piquadro Looking Good Is the Hardest Part, Pt. II

I’m probably more into motorcycle helmets than I am into motorcycles at this point. I rarely see bikes that thrill me, but I’m always chancing into helmets I’m dying to put on, like this beauty from Piquadro.

via Acquiremag

Looking Good Is the Hardest Part, Pt. I

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June 29th, 2009

dieselhelmet Looking Good Is the Hardest Part, Pt. I

I’ve been known to “overindulge”. I do not have A+ dexterity. I tend to think of Stop signs as suggestions rather than commands. I often get lost in thought. I really, really want a motorcycle. [ Continue Reading ]

Frogs in space? Snakes with handbags? And where are that chick’s tits?

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June 1st, 2009

picture 73 585x384 Frogs in space? Snakes with handbags? And where are that chicks tits?

What’s happening here?  Are these tacky accessories in space?   And why’s the snake so interested in the handbag?  I mean, what the fuck would a snake have to do with a handbag?  And what about these other shots?  What’s that frog doing in there?  The little fella certainly appears to be uncomfortable.  And you would be too, if you were in one of UK-based Paulo Sutch‘s photographs. [ Continue Reading ]

Consciously Fashionistic

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March 27th, 2009

33 434x400 Consciously Fashionistic

A brooch from a bottle? Recycling rules. While you may not be able to say designer Gulnur Zdaglar Guvenc‘s name three times fast, you”ll want at least that many of his chic and earth-friendly accessories.  Guvenc makes beautiful necklaces, buttons, and brooches from used PET (polyethylene terephtalate) bottles, adding a twinge of do-gooding to your fashion repertoir.   [ Continue Reading ]

Thomas Pink

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January 14th, 2009

MGM rebooted the Pink Panther film franchise a few years back, I completely forgot. I wasn’t even aware of the sequel, due out next month. (Studios release their worst movies in February). I’ve only taken notice of it now because of the product tie-in deal between MGM and British haberdasher Thomas Pink.

thomas pink for pink panther tie socks 01 Thomas Pink

I guess there’s a certain kitsch value to it all, but there remains little chance of my braving the film.