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She ain’t no Caddy, but she sho’ has a purdy grill

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May 4th, 2009

bocanegra7 600x400 585x390 She aint no Caddy, but she sho has a purdy grill

Introducing the new SEAT Bocanegra. For all you non Spanish-speaking individuals out there, “bocanegra” means black mouth. I personally would have preferred “sin dientes,” as it reminds me more of an empty mouth..a gummy octogenarian’s smile or your great-grandmother leaning in to plant one on you because it’s your birthday. But I digress.
The Bocanegra has some potential. Like the ugly girl who goes out clubbing bearing massive cleavage with tons of makeup on and a load of blingage. The vehicle itself is unattractive, but its accessories make you rethink your initial reaction. I like the lights, they look like eyes :) but I’m a girl, so what do I know about cars?

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