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Spinal Tap ain’t got nothing on Steel Panther!

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October 3rd, 2009

steel panther kicks ass 1 585x228 Spinal Tap aint got nothing on Steel Panther!

Steel Panther, a Glam Metal band from California, are bringing the 80′s back! Thats right glam metal is not dead yet, infact it’s taking on a whole new form of entertainment, comedy. When big bands such as Motley Crue and Poison are throwing away their lipsticks and burning their leopard spandex tights, Steel Panther keeps the flame burning for all of us who are just not ready to give up on guys who wear make up but can still kick your ass. ┬áTheir single Death To All But Metal, is actually a hilarious song mentioning all the big names in music business that are not metal and how much they suck. If you’re a metalhead you will laugh hard, if you’re not a metalhead, you will still laugh, check out the video after the continuation… [ Continue Reading ]