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Sweet Sweet YaYa Chou

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April 20th, 2009

chandelier Sweet Sweet YaYa Chou

Los Angeles based Taiwanese artist Yaya Chou‘s most deliciously hand-crafted sculptures include a chandelier made entirely from gummy bears. The tangy contrast created by the use of a childish and inexpensive candy to form a luxury comodity sends a sharp message.  Aside from the sweets, her portfolio also boasts a very outspoken sculpture series called  ’Soft Tissue’  featuring Swallowed Fear a glass, organ-shaped container, encasing white insides, on which the words ‘I accidentally swallowed fear, now I feel like throwing up’ are handwritten.  Another one of my favorites is the Chili Moose, a portrait of a moose created from, you guessed it, chili pepers. One of her installation pieces “A Woman Tired of Life” is inspired by her relationship with her sister after she passed away. What profound vision from the self-taught mixed media artist. Visit her blog here and enjoy her posts, such as her most current one, on fellow amazing artist Eugenio Merino from Spain.

via Chocolate Suze