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StOp_mOtIon MaDNesS!

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October 11th, 2009

oil StOp mOtIon MaDNesS!

Shawn Knol is a photographer, but you won’t find his pictures very easily.

Stop-motion video is Shawn Knol‘s outlet of choice and each clip brings the naturally aesthetic pleasure of a set of consecutive photos, set to a pleasing soundtrack.

My favourite of his videos is Methylene Dream. This piece shows the progress of Methylene dye dropped in water.

I really enjoy this video because Knol uses a kaleidoscope of coloured dyes to make it all the more visually appealing.

And because the video is composed of individual photos one after the other, Knol can alter the order in which they appear. This effect makes a good impression when the video alternates from the photos chronologically to the reverse order.

Stop-motion gives such a different effect from regular video; it almost feels like a dream, which explains the title of Knol’s Methylene piece.

I also recommend Knol’s Oil in Water creation. The video is less visually appealing than Methylene Dream, but the soundtrack paired with the stop motion feels like a a day spent laying in the grass.

Take a gander at his other works too, they’re quite a feel-good and relaxing show.

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