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Stitching like you never seen before…

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August 19th, 2011

door 2 600x450 533x400 Stitching like you never seen before...

Dear readers, meet Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene, a stitching artist from Lithuania who uses every day objects as her canvas. That might not sound like a very unique idea but once you see her work you will probably admit that it is one of a kind.Here is what she has to say – “In my work, I take pleasure in things that are only insignificant details to most people. An ordinary human being and mundane fragments of his or her life acquire an exceptionally important meaning in my works; meanwhile, recognised icons of beauty are less important to me. A banal understanding of beauty and utilitarian things: these are the objects that interest me and inspire creation. Therefore, I use fragments of popular culture, the so-called kitsch, in my art. When they appear in a new context, like some kind of ‘quotations,’ they help to create works that reveal my personal experience and point of view.”

I have to admit her work on metal car doors is what got my attention, even though it might not be a recommended thing to do to your car it is still fascinating to look at.