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Caricature Master Steve Cutts

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August 18th, 2011

lecter med Caricature Master Steve Cutts
I love caricatures, they outline the most interesting features of the person’s face and in result make it more entertaining to look at. Living in New York I see caricature artists fairly often as they draw tourists who are willing to laugh at them selves. Steve Cutts, a graduate of Surrey Institute of Art and Design, seems to be doing just that, only with celebrities. To be able to do caricatures on Steve’s level, you need to see a face for much more than what it is. It’s truly an art form that requires great skill, imagination and humor… Seems like a perfect combination. Steve is currently a freelance artist working from his studio in Guildford, Surrey, developing his skills as an illustrator, painter and sculptor. Check out his website when you get a chance to get a bigger glimpse of what he can do.

  • Anonymous

    Well I love the book and film Hannibal and this is a great caicature about him and the film.