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Star Trek Is Cool

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May 8th, 2009

screenhunter 04 may 08 1706 585x266 Star Trek Is Cool

I simply wasn’t cool enough as a teenager to watch Star Trek. I had glasses, read comic books and my mother dressed me. Not being branded a dork was hard enough without the risk of being pulled into a world of uber fans that dressed in elaborate costumes, spoke in made up dialects and possessed an encyclopedic knowledge of sci-fi canon.

It wasn’t until my twenties that I attained a level of cool necessary to watch Star Trek unashamed or afraid of any stigma it may carry. Following the exploits of William Shatner as a space playboy / starship captain proved enjoyable, but not life altering. I didn’t want to learn Klingon or spend ridiculous amounts of money on photon phasers or other bits of old TV memorabilia. I never got into the spin-offs or bothered with watching any of the feature films, until now.

screenhunter 05 may 08 1706 585x312 Star Trek Is Cool

The new Star Trek is all you could hope for in a summer blockbuster. It has action, humor, amazing visuals (most notably some busty, bra & panty clad, green alien chick) and a story that moves along at brisk, enjoyable pace. The cast is attractive and well matched to the likenesses of the original actors to play their roles. Inside of his first scene Chris Pine (James T. Kirk) moved from being some actor I had never heard of to someone whose next project I’m eagerly awaiting. He more than captures the bravado and optimism of the character in his portrayal. Zachary Quinto is dead on as the logical, but not entirely cold or unfeeling Vulcan halfling Spock. The movie revolves around time travel, Romulans, revenge and just how the first crew of the USS Enterprise came to be.

The franchise which had fallen into disrepair over the years is back in a major way and well-positioned for a long run of sequels holding crossover appeal for the mainstream, casual viewers and the more rabid, pointy-ear wearing polyestered fanboys alike.