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Soviet Israeli Posters

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February 7th, 2009

11 281x400 Soviet Israeli Posters

Kind of funny to look at these right now, considering that Israel is  capitalist country, however that was almost not a reality during it’s early years as a country. Imagine how different things would be if it was a reality, Israel a communist country… Aside the dirty politics talks, I always find it funny how no matter what country origin the socialist propaganda is from, they all look the same. Red is important, it represents blood, at least thats what I have been taught when raised in a communist country for the first 10 years of my life, symbols of strength and hard working community is crucial into fooling the evil west. Amazing thing is that socialist propaganda still pretty much looks the same, as if the same artist is painting these posters, maybe he is. I can just see this 100 year old man sitting in some jail in Siberia with shackles on his feet and paint all over his hands. I say it’s time to hire an ad agency. You can find a lot of good ones here on

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    I like the posters….Hebrew is cool.