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Solar Powered Stadium

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August 17th, 2009

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The stadium of the FUTURE is here — well not here.. it’s in Kaohsiung, Taiwan—ripe for this summer’s World Games 2009 –appropriately coined “World Games Stadium”.

The Japanese architect Toyo Ito concocted this Green Building design in accordance with the ecological requirements— that being 8,844 solar panels on the roofs surface construction….a solar power station, if you will. The roof then emulates the form of a flowing river to cover 75% of the energy needs of the stadium, depending on the amount of sunshine (of course). Holding as many as 55,000 spectators, when this sports facility is on hiatus — at night and when no competitions are gaming, the electricity generated is fed into the grid.

And just how does this grid store all that energy at night? As a massive blue ball of pulsating energy — can you hear that techno beat?

via deputy-dog