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So Cute It Could Kill You

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June 12th, 2009

eric bryan 396x400 So Cute It Could Kill You

Eric Bryan and his adorable acrylics on wood are featured in the Bear and Bird Gallery‘s “Cute Attack” exhibition.

The Bear and Bird Gallery is always hosting some sort of themed exhibition and they are currently showing the “Made in Mexico Exibition”, with the goal of showcasing artists in Mexico.

The “Made in Mexico Exhibition” features Anita Mejía Ensenada, Cecy Meade, Dave Gámez, Inés Estrada, Nenito Pedante, Patricio Betteo Morelia, and Rosie Music.

However, this is only one of many exhibitions the gallery has hosted. Past exhibitions include: “Viva la Propaganda: Political Art” featuring South Florida artists, “Made in Canada” featuring (you guessed it) Canadian artists, and “Cute Attack” showing the the underbelly of the things that make us say ‘awwwwwww’.

The Verdict:
With a quick exhibition turnover, the Bear and Bird Gallery is sure to feature something that will suit your individual tastes.

So try to keep up do date with their work and you’re bound to see something you like!

Still oggling at the cute kitty,

The Quibbler

  • DangerMike

    Hahaha, this just makes me think of Happy Tree Friends! Haha!