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Smile for the Paintbrush

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October 21st, 2009


Eat the flesh Smile for the Paintbrush

This may look like a normal photograph of drunk debauchery or other self portraits of kinkitude, but it’s more.  Oh so much more.

Brendan Lott isn’t the actual painter of these little diddies, but it is his concept and this I am in love with.  Lott peruses through our shrines of peer-to-peer file sharing networks, stumbling across and picking out his most favorite photos.  He then ships out the photos to China and pays artists there to re-create these images in the form of oil paintings.  His artist statement credits his work to bringing his practice “in line with his life as a person living in 21st century America – wholly mediated, isolated, digital and decentralized and devoid of manual labor or craft.” 

No wonder I am suddenly reminded of photos from that college rager.  I think most folks here will be able to see a little of themselves in at least one or two of his images.  Who knows you might already be on his site.