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Slow Life Down To 1000fps

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September 16th, 2010

Screen shot 2010 09 16 at 2.06.31 AM 585x327 Slow Life Down To 1000fpsI have always been fascinated with photography and film. Something about capturing life’s precious moments amazes me every time I do it, especially if you have the right tools. In this case the tools that I am talking about are the Canon 7D, After Effects and the Twixtor After Effects plugin. Canon 7D has the ability to shoot HD in 720p 60fps, but with the Twixtor After Effects plugin you have the ability to slow the video down to 1,000fps. If you do not really understand what I am talking about ( which is ok ), take a look at the video and you will understand why I am making a big deal about it.

I love this video the zooming, focus and slowing down of the video makes it quite impressive… The video was shot by Oton Bacar and the BMX tricks were performed by Voranc Kumar.

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