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Skipping Rocks on Time Pond

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February 2nd, 2010

3925497202 8e1011084a Skipping Rocks on Time PondNow, some of you may have already seen an older entry of photographer Neil Krug on this site. Nice job kid! We’ll be sure to mail you slippers and a coffee mug. Anyways that entry was about his collaboration with some model for something really crazy called Pulp. Check out that post here. Unless you’re scared of the cool. You’re not scared of the cool are you?….

…..Now that was great and all but the post only spoke about that one thing. I am here. As some great messenger of all things cool (even though I’m still missing my badges) to deliver a more broader taste of something heart-attackingly-awesome. So here are some more of Neil Krug’s photos that make you wish time travel really was possible. I strongly urge that you look through each of them.

Encapsulating the feel of the 70′s and late 60′s. Reminding you of that old photo album you found with tons and tons of pictures where people sported big glasses and wore brown suits with yellow ties. Where GTOs, Camaros and Fastbacks were running wild. The grain. The colour fade. The seeing of something you wish you could be apart of.

  • Sam’n'Brush

    I love everything 70′s related. I want to just wear it’s skin.

  • Salvatore

    That’s pretty weird kid. But ya. Me too.