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Shangai Goes Dragon Ball

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April 27th, 2010

2010 gm en v concept 01 Shangai Goes Dragon Ball

I think I already mention something about the amazing of human accomplishments. If you’re reading this before you read my post on the Marion Hyper sub then one of two things happen. I’m obviously not very interesting and you didn’t even read about the Marion which means you’re probably not reading this, which also means that I have to keep my ego strong and call you an idiot. But don’t worry, I’m only half serious. OR! There was a publishing error. Either way. The new EN-V will revolutionize urban transport if it catches on. So for those of who get cream your pants over the environment I suggest you check it out after the jump.

2010 gm en v concept 02 563x400 Shangai Goes Dragon Ball

GM revealed a new-almost- concept car in Shanghai that doesn’t look too much like a car at all. What it is. Is a two seater personal vehicle that has-what for it- Zero fuel consumption and emission. That’s right. Nothing bad comes out of this car. It’s maintenance and operating costs are a fraction of any other vehicle. (We’re looking at you smart car.)  The car runs on electric battery power. Which means-wait for it- the En-V has a maximum speed of 40km at full battery! I know it doesn’t sound like much. But you have to consider the other intentionally evil ramifications. This car is meant for mega urban cities where population is so immense that it’s a serious problem if everyone as a normal Honda. This new wonder will reduce traffic as well as accidents. And since in major cities most journeys are all made within a 5 km radius 40k is pretty intense. I’m an old fashion kind of guy sometimes. And nothing will ever change my mind from loving and wanting the old school, world destroying muscle. But it’s really good to see that there is serious measures being taken to make the world a cleaner, safer and maybe better place. Sure it’s kind of a pussy looking car. But when everyone’s looking like a pussy no one is. You know? And besides. It looks something straight out of Dragon Ball Z. So if that doesn’t impressive you. Go buy a Nissan Cube.

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