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Scott Harris digities Eye of the Tiger with his iPad(s)

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August 12th, 2010

Screen shot 2010 08 13 at 12.17.23 AM 585x327 Scott Harris digities Eye of the Tiger with his iPad(s)

Imagine its 2020 and you are going to a concert of your most favorite band. You’ve waited to see these guys for months and now the moment is here, the band comes out and they are all holding… iPads. Sounds like nightmare doesn’t it? Not entirely, but god forbid you doubt that such a thing is possible, just take a look at the video after the break. Scott Harris ( no relation to Steve Harris of Iron Maiden ) is making that future a reality with his remake of Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger”. Surely it might not be as good as the original, but this version of the song was done completely by playing musical iPad applications. It’s a beautiful thing to realize how useful this thing can be when put in the right hands. In my opinion, we are getting a little glimpse of what is to come. Image you as a musician simply need to buy a device like an iPad and you have hundreds of different sounds and instruments at your finger tips, thats an automatic orgasm for some people. Some might argue, real musicians need to play real instruments. My answer to that will be – they are playing an instrument, its called an iPad. Point is, at the end of the day, if a person is creating something good, who cares what it was created on? You’re not going to take away credibility from an illustration artist simply because he is using digital tools to create his work, so why take away credibility from a musician who is using digital tools as well? Either way, it’s not the end of the world, if the idea bothers you, don’t by the records. But while you are here, enjoy the video which was produced by Jordan Hollender. The two break dancers are Harold O’Neal AKA Kid Jazz and Shea Butta…

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