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Savage Rivale Roadyacht

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June 5th, 2009

savage rivale 585x329 Savage Rivale Roadyacht The Savage Rivale Roadyacht is pretty unique.  It is the first four door and topless sport car, look at the photos closely, the rear doors open like the front, semi side-hatch-ways.  The glass roof retracts in about 20 seconds.  And the car sports a hefty V8 that brings it’s passengers from 0-300 is about 35 secs.  The interior is inspired by the designs of yachts, ultra cushy luxury, unlike some sport cars that are a bit more hard leathered.  20 cars will be built,  to custom order or course, and will be available is 4 color schemes chosen depending on the season in which it is built.  Sounds cool,  but I can’t help but wonder who the demographic is here.  The younger, rich crowd who likes speed and great driving? Typically they don’t want ultra comfy fluffy interiors.  Or is it the older crowd?  But I struggle to see a 70 year old man doing anything of 80 mph in this beast.  Hmm, someone will buy it….

via Flylyf