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Sarah Westgate, Bella-Bones

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June 18th, 2010

sarah westgate VyletStar acrylic on canvas 321x400 Sarah Westgate, Bella Bones

Sarah Westgate’s works are those of both mother and artist. Her predominant mother and woman figures speak to her affinity for both nature and the body in relation to both mothering and being a woman. Her gorgeous “VyletStar*” is both soft and powerful, with the figure a force within herself while remaining connected to her surroundings, what I can only assume is her connectedness to nature. “Repose” speaks to me in much the same way; woman-fairy and nature, all connected but individual selves as well.

A favourite of the batch, “poison”, is very different from the aforementioned pieces. A disconnected bunch of objects that have a connection in their own oddity and colour and shapes sit all around while a happy-strange figure to the side seems to be revelling in the fun of it all.

By way of the Bella-Bones gallery, I find myself embarking on a journey through a Nightmare-Before-Christmas-y scene of bones and body and nature where my mother’s body and woman’s mind and off-beat self find themselves fitting in just fine.

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