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RIP Alexander McQueen (1969-2010)

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February 12th, 2010

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Perhaps you’re not really into fashion, and in all honesty you might not care. However, February 11th is a sad day in the art world, because it marks the day we lost the fashion Titan Alexander McQueen.

Lee Alexander McQueen was no doubt the bad boy of the fashion industry, and his rebel ways were responsible for the most artistically inclined extravagant runaway shows. Since his apprenticeship days at Savile Row, he showed his daring side when writing in pen into the sleeve lining he was working on for Charles, Prince of Wales “I am cunt”. His shows often caused stirs in the fashion industry, especially since working for big houses like Givenchy as a head designer, or serving as the creative director for Gucci.

He was definitely not your usual designer, and he always surprised the masses with his beautiful designs and innovative shows. For those of you who think runaway modeling is all about the boring monotonous catwalk, well you haven’t seen a McQueen show. He often was able to tell a story in his shows, and all while showing top-notch designs. He would incorporate holograms (a life-size hologram of Kate Moss), create different sceneries such as a shipwreck, and all while portraying class and elegance. Even the Queen of England herself appreciated his elegant designs, and creativity.

Among some of the famous people to wear his designs are Rhianna, our dear monster of fashion as well of the music world Lady Gaga who often incorporated one of his pieces in her performing wardrobe. His most notorious piece worn by Gaga might be the instantly recognizable red lace dress worn at the VMA’s after her performance.

According to some British tabloid websites, he apparently committed suicide, but his family is asking for privacy in such delicate times (his mother passed away only a little over a week ago as well). May his soul rest in peace, and he will be truly missed by all of us who appreciate good quality beautiful clothing designs, mixed in with a lot of creativity.

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