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Photography….or Something like it

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February 3rd, 2010

Ibai Acevedo Photography 17 Photography....or Something like itTalented and inspirational. Fresh. Unique. Gripping. Captivating. Breathtaking.  Tantalizing. Hypnotizing. Marvelous. Magnificent. Beautiful. Wonderful…….Or…….Maybe not.

I’m really starting to wonder where this entire idea of photography is heading. Here I am typing my own worthless opinion on something I’m not quite sure I really understand. I didn’t even know cameras can be that clear and crisp nowadays. But then again. I’m sure this entire photoshop thing plays a big part. You see I don’t really know if artist Ibai Acevedo is any good or not. Art or the idea of it, is completely subjective. What sparks neon floods in my mind might just act as something soporific to someone else. So it’s completely wrong for me to slander whatever this artist does because 1, this person’s “art” is more well known than anything I’ve done. And 2, Being harshly critical for expression is way too easy and kind of moronic. I don’t want to be one of those people. I just don’t think this person has done anything amazing. Sure some of the images look cool with the colour contrasts and such and such but it doesn’t really do anything deep inside the place where your heart and mind are supposed to click. It seems like something I could find anywhere that anybody can do with a mouse pad and a lens. Maybe this is the way of the future.  But I’m not so sure it’s a good thing. I feel there’s missing something. But then again. I don’t know much about art. Maybe you can enlighten me. Until then. Swallow these down.

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