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Peter Funch

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April 24th, 2009

funch 585x261 Peter Funch

Photographer Peter Funch has introduced a sort of new medium to photography. While it is yet named I’ll exercise my poetic license in calling it “Metropolitan Monotony.” Many of his images seem to capture a sort of mindless conformity of Manhattan-ites.  Pictures of people behaving in the same way, in the same place, at the same time. In one photo he “captures” 8 people simultaneously yawning at the same time somewhere in Manhattan.

To pull a pic like that off Pete would have to either have to pay a bunch of people off, Photoshop it, or wait for an unreasonably long time on a street corner. That’d probably require standing behind a lens for days until certain moons and stars lined up, in a certain order of course, and then, at just the right time, CLICK!  If anything, he gets my Photoshop props.

Regardless of how he creates it I appreciate his concept. It’s kind of like a modern twist on René Magritte’s Golconde. A brilliant surrealist painting of many proper businessmen either ascending or descending throughout the background of a residential metropolis. Similar to Golconde, Funch’s photos seem to illustrate the ordinary cushion that hides behind metropolitan ego. That may not be his deliberate intention but it sure is neat to ponder. Check out his website, picture his pictures, and ponder away.

via Scene360

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