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Peel Off Lamps: Mass Produced Custom Lighting

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June 7th, 2009

peel offdetail 263x400 Peel Off Lamps: Mass Produced Custom LightingLike to paint by numbers?  Well we have just the thing for you- Peel Off Lamps!  That’s right, now you can create your very own mosaic-like lamp shade.  All you have to do is peel off the pre-cut plastic pieces allowing you to create your very own, semi-unique, designs and patterns.  It even allows you to control the amount of illumination you want! Okay, I’ll stop.  I’m always for a cool product that gets consumers off their asses and more ‘hands-on’.  These designs are by Sehwan Oh. He has won several awards for his designs, which include nifty things like bird-feeders, chairs, murses(man-purses), and playgrounds.  Check him out.

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    i use lamp shades with CFL ubls instead of incandescent lamps, they are much cooler and uses less electricity “,,