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Paulsen’s machine guns fire notes of symphony

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May 8th, 2009

journey 302x400 Paulsens machine guns fire notes of symphony

Oslo-based Egil Paulsen might call himself a “full metal expressionist,” which is how he describes his work dealing with violence and expression.  Indeed, his corpus is comprised of a vivid and vast, sometimes brutal and jarring panorama.

But the beautiful poignancy which may also be found in his art 

comes from an internal place, where violence is a furious sound, a mal-potentiated gesture – an actuated space one inhabits.

On Paulsen’s site, where the artist offers perspective on his pieces, he sites the school shootings in Colorado and Virginia as influential to his full metal project.  Considered in these inner spaces which Paulsen creates, one may gain a deeper, more compassionate insight into these tragic events, and perhaps into the violence – malevolent, symphonic, or both – which dwells in one’s own mind.