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Papermate: Andreas Kocks

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February 16th, 2010

703G 1 522x400 Papermate: Andreas Kocks Beyond the basics of books or buildings, the ingenuity of man and the things he can accomplish with a dead tree blow my mind, especially after coming across the following. I mean, sure, man does many things with pulp and paper, but I’d wager that hardly any of them spend as much art-time or imagination intricately cutting and placing, creating depth and form to flat surface, and turning out what German-born artist Andreas Kocks describes as “paperworks” — installations, sculptures and wall ornaments that stand alone and leave their mark, all without a single stroke.

Pliant, plain, malleable—and clearly breaking from the realm of ‘flat,’ paper as a medium is often turned to by artists with a pen or brush in hand, which is why  the complex, sometimes-jarring dimensional installations from Kocks has raised the bar of what can be done with form.

& it’s also worth mentioning the marvelous transformation each installation takes from watercolour and ink blot experiment to walls of wonder. I just hope the frequency of paper cuts are low.

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