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Paper Rolls & The Things That Makes Us Love Them

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June 9th, 2010

2372 Paper Rolls & The Things That Makes Us Love ThemI don’t think it’s anything short of an amazement of how we as people can literally take anything and find someone to make it fun, appealing, artsy-fartsy but more important than anything, uplifting.

2373 Paper Rolls & The Things That Makes Us Love ThemUsually when that last square of paper tears off the roll you’re usually in trouble, a little ashamed and maybe embarrassed. So you like anyone else take that seemingly useless roll and burn it to cinders chanting like a mad tribesman. But someone else saw something more meaningful to do with it. Maybe because she had plenty of time to think (hint, hint, yes I am the comical genius). Now these are in no way inspiring. But I don’t think they’re supposed to be. I mean this is a display of absolute skill and utmost patience. But more than anything. It’s a smile jerking out of everyday things. And that can hold the most importance than most of that other garbage. So swallow these down. Or use them to wipe. Your choice.

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