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Out with Borat, In with Bruno!

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April 3rd, 2009

screenhunter 07 apr 03 1607 585x314 Out with Borat, In with Bruno!

If you have not seen Borat, please do not read this, actually close the window all together!  Ever since I saw Borat and what Sacha Baron Cohen did with his comedy show Ali G, I truly thought a new form of comedy has been invented. It’s raw, it’s real, many times it’s very uncomfortable to watch and it’s hillarious! Bruno is the second most popular character Sacha portrays, from the Ali G show. Bruno is a fictional character who is a homosexual  claiming to be a reporter from an Austrian television station and interviews unsuspecting guests about topics such as fashion, entertainment,celebrities and homosexuality. The movie has already been rated NC-17, so I am sure there will be plenty of raunchy hillarious scenes… The film is coming out on July 10, 2009. Watch the trailer after the continuation…

  • GeniusJunky

    he had to retire Borat because the dear old Kazak reporter got too famous. Essentially the Golden Globe ended Borat. Once the anonymity is gone, the characters have to gbe shelved. That’s the only problem with cohen’s work: he’s going to have to keep coming up with more outrageous characters that no one knows.

  • admin

    yea i agree… but i dont think he can regain the success Borat had