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Nyle Builds Big, Doesn’t Go Home

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July 24th, 2009

beatbuildhomebanner 585x330 Nyle Builds Big, Doesnt Go Home

There is actually an organization out there that was willing to dole out a grant for a project based around a Lil Wayne song, and, amazingly, that is not the most impressive thing about the resulting video. Watch it and find out what is after the jump…

Everything about “Let the Beat Build” from Nyle, Brooklyn’s “friendly neighborhood MC,” is wild. The entire video is one take and its audio is live. It took ten hours, thirty tries, and the effort and coordination of over twenty performers, including the only hot girl to ever play the banjo, to get right, but WOW did they get it right. In a cinematic magic trick performed by director Chadd Harbold, Nyle builds his beat by pulling musicians, singers, dancers, and a “homeboy choir” seemingly out of thin air. This kind of expertly executed creativity is much more than impressive. Watch out Lil Wayne, Nyle is formidable.