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Never Stop a Rolling Stone

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March 20th, 2009

21 stimmungsposter2 566x400 Never Stop a Rolling Stone

Always in motion you are nowhere near your bed and sleep is sliding up your spine one vertebrate at a time. It’s in your head now making loose bits of gibberish of your thoughts and stomping your eyelids shut. Soon you’re making a pillow of the dirty, cold and unfriendly window beside you— better than the dirty, sweaty and too friendly stranger on your other side. You slumber, but not comfortably; if only you owned Ratchel Ritchie’s “Never Stop a Rolling Stone” jacket.

Miss Ritchie’s NSRS jacket features an inflatable hood, meant to be blown up and used as pillow when one is not available. Inspired by the difficulties of sleeping along the bus routes of South East Asia’s treacherous roads the NSRS jacket makes a most welcome traveling companion.