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February 18th, 2009

needles spring summer 2009 06 295x400 NeedlesI feel like I’m sitting on needles when I look at this collection.  Makers of Engineered Garments have created a new line called Needles.  This is the Spring/Summer 09 collection.  I think they are throwing in Fall and Winter with the looks as well, maybe getting the season over with.  Aside from the obvious issues with this line( form less, grossly modeled, and hurts like a hangover to look at), I’m going to point out something that could be over looked.  I see people dress like this all the time, usually they don’t know that they do and/or they don’t care that they do, I refer to them as “Beautiful Mess”.  For a designer to purposely create  something like that is pretty remarkable.  It’s very hard to capture and sell something that people are not aware of(ie how they look).  Even though I wouldn’t touch it with a 40 foot stick, doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t love it.  And I know plenty of someone’s that would.

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