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Motorola Nest by Kelly Bremer-Perfect for the ‘Octomom’

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March 9th, 2009

motorola nest by kelly bremer 03 517x400 Motorola Nest by Kelly Bremer Perfect for the OctomomKelly Bremer has graciously designed a phone for the women in our lives and of our times.  The mobile phone is designed with the intent to allow the baby booming mothers of ‘now’ to easily connect visually and emotionally with those loved ones who may not be so close geographically.  I would personally mail this concept phone to that crazy “octomom” bitch if someone would take those kids away from her.  She is a ghastly human being and I personally feel that anyone  purposely creating that many people for this already entirely too populated world, should be under government restriction.  This phone is sleek and feminine and would be perfect for her to stay in touch with her kids once she’s (hopefully) locked up.