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More Useful Than a Good Rack

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August 22nd, 2009

bradryer 2 565x400 More Useful Than a Good RackYou know that bra colony that takes over your apartment on laundry day? Say goodbye! Equipped with an internal fan, energy efficient carbon lamps, a timer and fabric settings, the BraDryer ensures that your favorite and most expensive boob accessory dries quickly, safely, AND maintains its awesome shape.  And don’t worry my fellow itty bitty’s, it will come in different sizes!  The Bradryer was invented by non boob-haver Alexander Fernnikov. After a female friend’s gripe about conventional dryer’s ruining her expensive bra’s and air drying taking way tooooo long, Fernnikov declared ”I bet I can come up with a way to dry them right away!”  What a friend. Before you run out the door hollering, please note that the patent’s still pending.Bummer. Fernnikov expects that they will be on sale next year. In the meantime, atleast you can happily anticipate them while you stand there in front of the pervs at the laundromat, slowly weeding your bra’s out of the laundry cart, one by one.

  • Rosita

    oh im gonna need one of those asap. thanx for the heads up Mendez..

  • sirrah

    The double entendre is a nice touch. Well done!