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Montreal’s Cedric Taillon daydreams in oil and ink.

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May 21st, 2009

horsey web Montreals Cedric Taillon daydreams in oil and ink.

A solitary outline is filled in with paramour.  Pencil-leaden silhouttes gradually surround him, crowding a dingy bar as it is built.  Light fixtures descend from the ceiling to throw shadows of figures not yet substantiated, until the room is friendly and full.  The mood is tangible.  Exuberant.  Disturbing.  Organic, and spontaneously evolving.  Welcome to the world of Montreal’s Cedric Taillon.

From the graffitied back alleys of the Plateau to ever-present caricatures real and imagined, Taillon gathers his inspiration in invisible nets and untethers it onto his canvas (a term he certainly regards loosely).  One can find his work on brick and concrete, online, among the pages of Montreal’s sky-rocketing SNAP! magazine, and, as always, in the sketchpads which fill his apartment.

His style draws breath from more than a decade of incessant doodling, constricted by neither reference nor expectation.  His art is resultingly unexpected, irreverent, more concerned with giving voice to possibility than transcribing its argument.  When considering his work, one gets the sense that he is only just embarking on the adventure, and has little idea where he will be led (check out the video on his website showing his process of composition).

But his virtue comes from his willingness to surrender to and follow his brush along the page.  For those of us who used to doodledream, that’s the way it’s always been.

via DoodleDream.