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Montreal Zombie Exhibit…..uhhh….I Mean Bodies

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March 9th, 2010

flyer en Montreal Zombie Exhibit.....uhhh....I Mean BodiesOnly two more months. Give or take. To go and see the Bodies exhibition in Montreal. The display is obviously where? 5th floor Eaton Centre. What a surprise eh? Anyways the exhibition is leaving on the 30th of April. So go go go before its too late. Trust me. It’s completely worth it. It’s only about 20 bucks so don’t be cheap. You get to see what it would be like if you stared into the mirror and your skin was missing.  Check out after the jump to hear the most incredible aspect of it all.bodies Montreal Zombie Exhibit.....uhhh....I Mean BodiesSo while I was trying to count the veins on one of those “pieces of art” I was wondering: How is this done? How is someone capable to craft what I logically presume we look like beneath it all? Well. A little birdy told me. The displays are REAL bodies. Well maybe they were real. The legend creeping around the corners of the exhibit said that each work was actually a cadaver with each vein, nerve and whatever else being filled with some sort of malleable plastic. Is it true. Probably. It makes sense to me. That’s just what I heard eves dropping on everyone. And I hope it is. Because it makes it all that more fascinating and incredible….and badass. Anyways it’s something you have to see. So check it out before it’s over and the bodies melt or something.

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