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Mixed Media Graffiti-the Natural and the Unnatural?

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April 19th, 2010

fish2 Mixed Media Graffiti the Natural and the Unnatural?Made from old records and cardboard, Jacksonville Public Art Coalition mixed-media graffiti doesn’t seem like graffiti at all (maybe that’s the point, right?) It’s art that recycles and beautifies and certainly isn’t your usual run-of-the-mill vandalism. The colourful records contrasted with the 2D black and white bodies of the fish and snake draw attention not only to the 3D texture of the gills and snakeskin but to the detailed shading as well, especially in the head and tail of the snake.

Interestingly enough (especially when one factors in the use of recycled materials), the depiction of animals set upon the building walls makes one think about how the natural world interacts with the man-made world. Has mankind forced itself onto the natural world, tearing apart habitats and replacing them with structures that are unnatural? Has mankind forced the natural world and its inhabitants to adapt to technology, architecture, expansion, destruction, and pollution? We’ve had a weighty impact on the natural world and it is time we really look at what we’ve done.

Maybe the JAXPAX didn’t intend for such an in-depth analysis of their mixed-media graffiti. Perhaps they merely intended to make something cool and colourful for the world to see. Who knows? It can’t hurt to speculate.

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