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Mine-Time Inc. personalized magazine experience

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March 25th, 2009

mine Mine Time Inc. personalized magazine experience

Here is a cool concept. I LOVE it!

Ever wanted a magazine totally customized to you and your personality? Well now you can have one courtesy of Time Inc., American Express and Toyota Lexus (exclusive sponsor).Mine, a “magazine made especially for you.” All they need is your info—name, address, e-mail address, and birthdate.  After you can select up to 5 out of 8 magazines from Time Inc. that will be used to create a personalized magazine. (The options are: Time, Sports Illustrated, Food & Wine, Real Simple, Money, In Style, Golf, and Travel + Leisure.) The magazine will be delivered in digital or print  format, with 36 pages and will include 4 pages of the new RX Lexus that is fully customized ( just like your magazine!)

The hardest question for me to answer was Sushi or Pizza? Because these 2 are my favorite foods.

Hurry up and get yours, you have until June 15th to do so.

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    Thanks suZen!