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Mike Rea’s Wooden Universe

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March 12th, 2010

ark of the covenant 533x400 Mike Reas Wooden Universe Crafting wood has got to be, by far, one of the most ancient skills and form of art. Not only that but it is fucking crazy hard to do. Trust me. I asked my uncle to teach me. I couldn’t do it. Well Mike Rea obviously has the patients and the time.

Are they anything special though? I mean do they wow you? No. I’m not wowed. But its not his fault. The poor bastard. We’ve seen explosions in space and laser beams that can cut through a sun. We’ve seen the ocean swallow the world and monsters made of fire. All thanks to special effects and what not. So and so. You know. But that doesn’t really matter here. I mean the things are dull. There is no colour to spark our eyes and everything he’s done we’ve seen somewhere else in much more appealing fashion. But what does matter here. Is that an art form that may be obsolete still blossoms. And that there are people who recognize this and strive for it. This takes an incredible about of skill. And drawing and painting are swell an’ all. But shaving and cutting wood into anything you want. Well. That’s just greatness.

  • Wayne

    It’s not surprising that you don’t have the “patience” to work wood if you don’t have the initiative to spell correctly.

  • Salvatore

    Keen eye there buddy. You forgot to mention that I wrote “about” instead of “amount.” But it’s alright. I’m sure no one thinks you’re a douche or anything.

  • Pablo

    No, people will think the “professional” that lacks the grace to take constructive criticism is an enema.

  • Salvatore

    Sir. Let me assure you. I am not a professional.

  • Reanna Entel

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