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Men rarely make passes at girls that… you know.

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January 25th, 2009

I love glasses.  Like …I love, love them.  I think that everyone should have a pair, and I’ll will (ashamedly) admit that I own a pair of basic reading glasses that I wear sometimes to the grocery store or the library just because I think they’re so hot.  So you can imagine how exciting something like  these  DIY adjustable glasses by Josh Silver are to me.

a zulu man wearing adapti 001 Men rarely make passes at girls that... you know.

They’re like a camera lens for the eye, created so people in the third world can see without being treated by an optician.   Not only are they completely awesome because they’re going to… I don’t know, help the world see? But they’re also extremely cool in the hipster sense (p.s. Jay-Z you should always wear glasses).