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Maserati’s New SUV For No One

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November 16th, 2009

mase 3 585x343 Maseratis New SUV For No OneAndrey Trofimchuk has designed an SUV for Maserati. Good for him. Bear in mind, no one has asked him to do this. As far as I know, Russian designer Trofimchuk isn’t associated with the Italian company. Maserati has expressed no intention of using his design, or even producing an SUV at all. This is just something he did.

I don’t really know how to feel about this, if anything at all. Trofimchuk’s Maserati, called the Kuba, just looks like a shark redesigned for a new generation. SUV’s and sports cars are so diametrically opposed, it’s just weird to think of them coming together like this. Maybe in that way, the Kuba is like an automotive antichrist, born of a woman and a jackal, or in this case from a soccer mom’s personal transport and the favorite toy-slash-penis enlarger for your average middle-class middle-aged mid-management middleman. That’s what we’re looking at here. If a man decides he’s in a rut and runs out on his wife for a 37-year-old mother of two, and mortgage and alimony force them down to one car, they will most likely settle on a Kuba. Why they are in financial trouble and can also afford a concept Maserati is a question known only by God and Andrey Trofimchuk.

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